Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ List:

How does DrugStory handle privacy?

No IP addresses are stored in DrugStory's database. This applies to both story publishers and site visitors. You must create an account to publish your story, but providing your email address is optional.

All approved stories are made public through this website. Site visitors can browse, filter, and searching for stories to read through any web browser. Developers, researchers, and geeks can also take advantage of the built-in APIs.

How can I help DrugStory?

Please donate today! You can also share interesting stories on social media, like us on Facebook, and of course, share your stories!

If you have programming skills, please consider improving the source code of the SurvLoop open data engine, which powers this website.

Is DrugStory a non-profit organization?

Yes! In December 2016, DrugStory was recognized as a 501(c)(3) by the IRS.

How can I access the raw data from DrugStory?

Trying to get geeky? Anyone can download the live version of the complete, raw data set. To get acquainted to the data set, there is a sample DrugStory entry in XML format, according to it's documented XML Schema generated by the SurvLoop open data engine.