About DrugStory

Our mission is to promote the health and safety of all mind-altering drug users through anonymous, web-based story sharing. DrugStory was started by members and alumni of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) and other drug policy reform activists. 

DrugStory is a radical tool for the modern drug user.

Upload your stories. Search the database. Save your favorites.

Using any drug - legal or illegal - can be risky. But, drug users can stay safer by staying informed. If you use drugs for medicine, for fun, want to experiment but aren't sure how to do it safely, or are struggling with addiction, DrugStory was created for you.

With your help, we'll create one of the best web-based harm reduction services available. We need your help texting DrugStory - and $15,000 - to finish the site by the end of 2017. Gifts are deeply appreciated.

This is your brain on truth.

The Team

  • Mikayla Hellwich Executive Director

  • Morgan Lesko Software Engineer

  • Evan Samek Lead UX Design

  • Sam Tracy Board Chair

  • Rachelle Yeung Vice Chair

  • Lauren Padgett Treasurer

  • Emily Stevenson Secretary

  • Ancho & Ghost Supporting Kittens

The Software

DrugStory is the first publicly launched website powered by the SurvLoop open data engine. SurvLoop helps us humans design a database and creating mobile-friendly user interfaces to play with it and share it.

Morgan has been working on the open source website engine since spring of 2015. If you have programming skills, please consider improving the engine's source code!